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zp5bvk@ G8CYK - 2017-07-08T20-43-38Z_14135.0kHz
Paraguay the easy way

Gary Kennedy is indeed an expat Irishman as the name suggests, and I was able to add Paraguay thanks to the IARU HF Championship flushing out stations from all over and keep the pileups swift moving.

Why is it so easy to work these stations? I am puzzled. The only answer must be that the usual rudely overpowered ruffians that ruin HF with cluster pileups don't bother to get involved because they know they will be disqualified?







Clinically done

In and out....

Again, swiftly in and out...

But it's still a roughhouse..

Decent signal -5/9


The prop forecast alongside was maybe a bit pessimistic


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