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zl1rq @ G8CYK - 2017-04-06T11-35-42Z_14192.0kHz
Well fancy that. 11254 miles.

Alan Meek, zl1rq/P was piled up on 20m under the usual impossible heap of shouty Europeans - and he heard me? Am I imagining it?

He has a 7 ele beam and a kW: I have a G5RV and 100W.

So there really is hope for anyone!



zl1rq from his QRZ pic

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions....  this contact was predicted

DX Diary: another feeding time for the piranhas, but a minnow gets through!

So up pops this signal at a wholly unexpected time of day on 20m. Is that an NZ or Aus accent? It quickly becomes apparent that there is a real DX moment going on, so I dive on.

The local noise level is currently pretty horrible, but we have come to expect that - the recent solar activity seems to be getting the blame. But with ZL in night, the chances are the noise at ZL is a lot less and Alan can hear more than can hear him.

The magic moment where I was acknowledged starts 0:32 and fixes at 0:55 in. But the very tedious i8vjk fails to stamp on me. Imparare le buone maniere, Stefano, eh?
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The rest of the pile up - including ct1ayn, oz5jlh and more. Bless oe3kla (?) for talking after being asked to let the poor g8 through. (I trimmed a fair bit of the fat out of this one.)
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But it nearly didn't happen . Just as I was recovering from the shock I had been acknowledged, the  gardener started up the mower not very far away... hear it 28 seconds into the first recording above. Fortunately, it was better suppressed than some, and we coped.

viable DX signal

One of the many unplanned hazards of DXing

It looks like this was not expected - this agrees with VOA at around 30-40%, but this chart uses a 100w dipole datum, and Alan was running 1kW and a beam - maybe around 17dB more. So probably about evened out.


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