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Cayman Isles

Not a lot is said on the web about this club - no pictures, nothing. The famous discretion of the offshore haven perhaps.

Originally Cayman Hams operated as VP5 which was later changed to ZF.

The Cayman Amateur Radio Society (orignally known as Cayman Radio Society) was formed in 1979 by 8 hams who were resident here and got its permanent club shack in Savannah in 1990.

Cayman Hams have been very active through the years with emergency communication and have played important roles in various hurricanes which affected Cayman and other Caribbean Islands.




This one has taken ages to land

I have been chasing this one forever. I have no idea why, I have bagged just about every other Caribbean island in the meantime.

The end of a titanic struggle to land, at last...


Decent signal -5/9

But a lot of contest Qrm...


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