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zd7ft @ G8CYK - 2017-05-03T14-14-09Z_18135kHz &
@ G8CYK - 2017-06-26T21-20-38Z_14310kHz

South Atlantic - St Helena

Well, I struggled for weeks to try and nab ZD7VC last year, and managed to grab one of his fellow islanders relatively simply.

This reflects the sort of conditions I felt were prevailing with zd7ft

G3TXF has produced an excellent webpage for his 2012 DXpedition to St Helena

... and there is a further fascinating website for St Helena island and the community in general.

Islands don't come much more remote!

September 2017 ZD7VC contact

Two for the price of one  ... both contact recordings.

A brief and noisy contact with Peter zd7ft

And a rather longer and clearer session with Bruce, zd7vc

Just about there - thanks heavens
for low noise at the St Helena end.

I failed miserably to remember to capture
the zd7vc signal. But it was a lot bigger.

The ZD7VC contact prediction from seems about right,
although using similar source stats to VOA


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