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zc4a@ G8CYK - 2018-01-25T19_36_17Z_7088.3kHz

Cyprus - Sovereign Base Areas

Operators for the ZC4A operation include 5B4AFM, 5B4AGN (bob- pictured) , G3AB, G3WPH, G3XTT & G6MC. Three high power stations on CW/SSB/Data, 160 10m including 60m from 25-31 January 2018. Daily log uploads to LotW and Club Log are planned with QSL cards available via M0URX OQRS only. [tnx 5B4AGN]

This is one of those rare "pop-up" projects that makes a very little exposed destination available for a few intensive days, when all hell breaks loose as every ham on the planet  tries to add ZC4A to the trophy cupboard.

The Sovereign Base Areas were created in 1960 by the London and Zurich Agreements, when Cyprus achieved independence from the British Empire. The United Kingdom desired to retain sovereignty over these areas, as this guaranteed the use of UK military bases on Cyprus, including RAF Akrotiri, and a garrison of the British Army. The importance of the bases to the British is based on the strategic location of the island, at the eastern edge of the Mediterranean, close to the Suez Canal and the Middle East; the ability to use the RAF base as staging post for military aircraft; and for training.

Not a technical DX challenge, but available to just about everyone, so getting through the scrum is the challenge.

It's not often I have the opportunity to use the HMG coat of arms, but this is a case in point. Now isn't that rather more impressive than anything the EU can muster?

A very large pileup was handled deftly for hours on end - with calling on 7088.3kHz and listening from 7150-7160. Until I came along with my famously impossible call sign - which has the curious effect of not only never being heard correctly first time, but also attracting the usual loud ruffians to start calling on the calling frequency when the beleaguered DX op tries to get it untangled.

... it was all right on the night...



Not a problem

A genuine bit of UK Empire pink on the map... the globe used to be nearly all pink...


Please excuse me pinching this QSL until I get one of my own...



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