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za_z62fb@ G8CYK - 2017-08-22T19-37-05Z_14347.7kHz


Not a great distance, but a rare catch on HF - which means a big pile up once spotted. Fehmi kindly agreed to a sched via email, and we picked a perfect time and frequency for a civilized chat, far enough up the band to avoid a full-on scrum.

Albania is famous for being the spiritual home of the Norman Wisdom Appreciation Society (somebody had to) and something of an enigma as a late arrival to the modern European project after long period of a restrictive communist regime.



This was another case of pile up avoidance. Albania is not long distance, but it is scarce with pretty much one active amateur, and so much in demand. Surrounded by countries with active amateur populations all apparently running "quite a lot of power", us Brits can be at the end of a long queue.

... this worked like clockwork, set up on the appointed frequency at the time suggested by the
VOA predictions, and we had a good chat free from pileup nonsense.


solid signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,





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