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yv5eni @ G8CYK - 2017-04-26T20-18-58Z_18147kHz

Venezuela - a nice 4665 mi, surprise

Luis and I battled the QSB, but we did it although I was not recording at the moment of contact.

I'm guessing his local noise is probably lower than mine (s8) since I think he had less trouble hearing me. 


Civilised on 17m

This recording was after we made contact - it was one of those proper QSOs where every ounce of the fisherman's skill is required at both ends...

Just listen to the QSB roll.... this is proper DX radio


Interesting 17m propagation, but few takers. Maybe everyone has given up on HF after a couple of truly awful weeks. 20m was cooking on gas as well.

Pretty much per forecast


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