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yv1kk@ G8CYK - 2017-05-23T22-41-54Z_14193.0kHz


I had spent an hour under a vast pileup, not reaching yv1yl this evening - and then as luck had it I heard someone tuning up on an empty frequency I had parked on, and I pounced on it... and there was yv1kk from Venezuela on 20m - to go with a previous encounter on 40m bagged on April 15th.

Julio was trying out a cheap PC mic he had got and it was perfect comms quality. I think he spent all of $8on it (weep, all you $200 Heil victims!)


The sound quality was perfect for comms as the waterfall display shows. The slightly ragged right edge suggests perhaps a bit of a tuning issue, but not a major problem.


Got lucky!

Straight in there... after an evening getting trampled chasing yv1yl. I was too surprised to turn on the recorder during our QSO. And there is also the earlier 40m encounter listed here...

Cheers - Julio. Thanks for jumping into the boat with a fabulous 20m signal!

An earlier 40m encounter was rather lower fi, but still viable in at 4.49 (2017-04-15T21-48-28Z_7138.0kHz)....

A substantial signal ...



Note the 7MHz and 14MHz forecasts alongside. Both seemed about right, with the 20m signal being a lot better.


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