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ym1kd@ G8CYK - 2017-09-24T13-10-11Z_18125.0kHz


Not a vast distance, but local Chigwell boy Selim - M0XTA - was operating from Instanbul a trip back to visit family in Turkey. He posted  note on Facebook, and then appeared on a totally band...

Selim is passionate about ham radio willing to make an the effort to support the hobby. He is GB2RS Newsreader for London, South East and East Anglia Every Sunday 09:00am - 145.525MHz (backup newsreader for M0MBD) 09:30am - 70.425MHz - 4 Metre newsreader for London, South East and East Anglia


VOA seems optimistic in this case....

  Holiday snap from Istanbul: the kiz kulesi

I just tripped over Selim on 17m and called him.


... band conditions were not great, 17m is always prone to deep QSB

... ...

Good signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,




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