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yi3whr @ G8CYK - 2017-04-15T21-27-01Z
This site is a working lashup of some ideas to advance the state of the logbook art, and create something more like a scrapbook. It won't be for every QSO, but it should add a dimension for those rarer and more cherished encounters. Comments and suggestions please - email address on the G8CYK qrz page.

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the prevailing conditions....

Iraq is very rare in the UK, so I was pleased to get this - pretty much at the start of the session before the pile up got going.


The float bobbed and I struck
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From the SDR waterfall at the start of the QSO around 15:45. A lot of random atmospheric noise and QSB. Signal level touching S9


Around 16:15 and the skip was moving West so reception at G8CYK improved considerably

It looks like this was a reliable forecast - agrees with VOA


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