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yb3rps@ G8CYK - 2017-11-10T13-56-47Z_14195kHz

Surabaya, Indonesia on 20m

This was a pleasant surprise - Indonesia at 59 at lunchtime is rare, and just happened to be in the right place.

Herman (aka R Purnawi Sumantri) patiently listened through his his local noise level (sounds like Dau's problem in Jakarta) we did it. But you will hear he's clearly struggling against local conditions as many people call but don't get heard.

The menace of urban noise must not be allowed to spoil the spectrum - and it is not just Amateur Radio that's at risk, there is a case of street lamp that emits so much RFI thtat nearby cars cannot be unlocked!




QSO recording...

A really nice signal in a ropey band, I called a fair bit - and so did many others. (My famously awkward to hear call sign under good conditions doesn't help.)

I ended up sending the "K" in morse...

...dragged out from the back of the box @10:27...




Nice signal, good modulation


The prop forecast for the time and frequency was not good

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