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yb0js @ G8CYK - 2017-03-30T14-46-02Z_14217.0kHz
Indonesia showing up on 20m is a guaranteed pileup for European chasers. and SURYADI UMAR asks for it.

Somewhat invitingly, Sur says "See you on the Bands and give me pile ups when you hear me..."

Sur's QRZ page is at ....

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions.... 


Also featured in this session are.. A complete zoo full of operators piled up on the frequency - some of you should be ashamed!
DX Diary

Indonesia on 20m in the afternoon in the UK is unusual. Pile up of European hopefuls was epic.

This is petty chaotic. Can someone please think of a way to manage this sort of mayhem better? Otherwise the only answer is to increase power and try to blast the competition out of the water.

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The signal on the waterfall

A very good signal, no QSB, and in the clear. This was early in the session, it barely changed.

It looks like this was a reliable forecast - agrees with VOA at around 50%


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