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xt2aw@ G8CYK - 2017-10-24T16-02-49Z_18131.2kHz

Burkina Faso on 17m

As you can see from the prop prediction, this is not technically tricky DX - but Burkina Faso is one of the world's least developed countries at the bottom of all league tables, including amateur radio population. Once a French possession, it had none of the tourist charms of France's other overseas "resort" departments and was left to its own devices.

It was formerly known as Upper Volta (quizzers pay attention - that's a favourite question), and went through the sort of serial coup d'etat turmoil that most of abandoned French Africa went through at that time.

The call sign XT2AW was first issued between 1976-1983 whilst Harald Becker (DF2WO)  had permanent residence in Ouagadougou and then again from 1994 for his sporadic radio activities.

Harald has worked to help develop the country over many years, and has established an indigenous ham - XT2AGI - Ibrahim Guiro

The young Harald

A Ouagadougou street - scope for development...

Got past the mob

There was one very loud Italian I was obliged to beam straight at in order to get across to Burkina Faso, I had to wait until the QRM had been called; and then another one stepped up. So I just shouted louder....

A bit of the usual loud S European QRM, but no problem

And this was the whole session ....

Good signal



The prop forecast for the time and frequency was very favourable.

An early QSL from "Obervolta"



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