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w6fdr@ G8CYK - 2018-12-15T14_22_27Z_14173kHz
Santa Rosa Valley, CA

I first heard Melvin on 20m in December of 2016 at 15:31. He didn't hear me.

California at a solid 5/9 from the UK (and Europe) is a rare event in February, and only possible thanks to a minor solar twitch that has created some ionosphere activity that also surprised VOAcap.

Melvin Ladisky

I have tried long and hard to reach AHmad over many months - Egypt is rare and the moment he appears a tone of much closer Europeans pile in and make it impossible. I was not set up to record this time (of course) so the recording is one of the earlier sessions that illustrate the challenge.

Hopefully we can now arrnage a sched and have a proper QSO and talk about Ham radio in Egypt.


It ought to be simple, but nothing in Africa ever is...

QTH envy

One of the most striking things about the QRZ entry is the view of Mel's gaff from MS maps; and the view from Google Earth is even better.

A 5 ele 20m monobander on a big tower also helps...

California here I come

There were many, many stations calling and I guess I got luckier than usual .. 

No problem...


Solid, no QSB -
and out of the blue



This 20m prop map at actually holds out
more hope than VOAcap....


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