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wp3r @ G8CYK - 2017-05-09T21-38-08Z_14212.5kHz

Contact with Arecibo on 20m

Angel Vasquez has one of the dream jobs that any radio amateur could want.

He is the Director of Telescope Operations, RFI & Spectrum Manager at the worlds most interesting telescope at Arecibo, Puerto Rico.

I failed miserably to get through the pileup, but Arecibo is worth a pause for thought for anyone suffering from antenna envy.

Meanwhile, Angel is still waiting for his first QSL card from a little green man.

I have no doubt I will be revisiting this page with a QSO report at some point.

Behind the Scenes at the Arecibo Radio Telescope

Matt and Tom visited the Arecibo Radio Telescope for this video on Tom's channel. Matt was wearing a GoPro on his helmet throughout the visit, so here's what he could see!

Heard 2017-05-09T21-38-08Z_14212.5kHz



Solid signal...








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