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w1zy @ G8CYK - 2017-03-29T20-46-52Z - 7133kHz

W1ZY in Rhode Island on 40m is something a regular with me - 

Bill runs an interesting antenna project based on verticals near salt water. Bill's QRZ page is one of the all too rare "destination pages" on QRZ and a must read.

Bill is often to be found on 40m around these times, and eager to get reports from Europe and anywhere he can be heard.

From ....

Experimenting with Saltwater Verticals & Phased Arrays 7 Mhz Portable & Fixed-Phased Operation Along the Atlantic Seaboard Beverage Receiving Antennas

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions....  which for once was quite misleading, thankfully!

Also featured in this session are..

<22:02> dl6mx, iu5hle, pp8aa, dj2ro, v51b, g1dsk, iz5tjd/p....  sp9aws, ea5icx, m6gmv [qrp 12W!],      

<21:35> on7tw, iu8hpd, oe5ral, iu1fnh, f4fpg, pa3fic, dm5em, g6mcg, m1bxf, iw9wck, g6eek,  lz5dd, ea7jqt, iu5hdh, [dl69x], cu2aai, iz3cle


DX Diary

This is a slightly different type of trophy - a complete overheard session. Starting with the first CQ at the far end. One of the delights of 40m is that you often get to hear both ends of the call, unlike the higher frequency bands.

I heard Bill making his first CQ call on what was a remarkably quiet 40m, when he was right at the back of the box. You can hear the signal climb up over the course of the recording that started at 20:42z

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Now the signal gets louder, and I am acknowledged...

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Bill moves up 1kHz to avoid QRM and the the visitors arrive in an orderly fashion ...
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2017-04-09T23-16-15Z_7138kHz - ...a bit of earwigging a few days later, I heard Bill talking to Ahmed (5t2ai) about antennas - more interesting stuff. Getting noisy, so extra audio work required.


The signal on the waterfall

Always a good signal, in the clear.

LEFT  was early in the session, the right hand spectrum is from a later session showing a perfect distribution with roll off below 300Hz. (Why do so many DX operators retain low frequency audio when it conveys no information?)

It looks like this was a reliable forecast - agrees with VOA at around 50%


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