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vy2bm@ G8CYK - 2017-05-07T01-03-39Z_7132.0kHz
Commonwealth Calling

Bruce lives on Canada's delightful Prince Edward Isle on Canada's East cost - closest point to the UK and a site favoured by Marconi for his pioneering wireless experiments back in the early 20th century.

Late night 40m delivers well with relatively low atmospheric noise - the VOA predictor agrees.


DX report

Not all reports here are about grabbing exotic DX in a scrum of HF ruffians. Sometimes we just have a chat - this is just the brief signoff to give you an idea of the armchair quality of the signal.

The tail end of our conversation - signals were excellent as the grey line advanced


We had a chat covering Canada and the Royal Family - Prince Philip had just announced his decision to throttle back on public duties.

Which reminded me that the UK now has a new opportunity to revitalise its connections with the Commonwealth as we exit the EU - and remember that the conditions of entry to the EU meant we were forced to accept a pretty shoddy requirement to abandon many long term relationships we had with Commonwealth countries.

Frankly, given the obvious affinity between the people, families, language and legal systems, I'd rather be a Commonwealth Citizen than an EU citizen.



Really nice solid and perfectly
ICOM modulated signal



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