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vu2mje @ G8CYK - 2017-05-07T15-56-43Z_14227.0kHz.

Indian takeaway

For a populous country, India is a surprisingly rare catch on HF.  Moncy Joseph has many interesting pictures on his QRZ page apparently from the area in which he lives.


This was one the most overwhelming pileups so far, Moncy dealt with it calmly and rapidly, but the same offenders continue tro flout the "code of DX conduct" and make life difficult. Although to be honest, it's hard ot see how any code of anything could deal with the problems

It's a shame more amateurs don't include pictures of their local sights

Total mayhem

No this isn't the Vodafone customer help desk. I hope the Europeans calling are as pleased to hear my calls, as I am of theirs... but I got there after an hour! :-)

Loud and clear, but I was lost in this scrum...

Then glory be....



Nice signal, no problems of any sort throughout the session. Just the 500+ others running death stars.


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