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vk4fw @ G8CYK - 017-04-01T13-49-54Z_14194.0kHz
Zoo time: Queensland Calling  

Bill Horner, vk4fw/P was piled up on 20m under an impossible heap of shouty south Europeans

VK4FW from his QRZ mug shot

Bill has an interesting personal website that is well worth a browse.

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions....  this contact is just about predicted

DX Diary: feeding time for the piranhas

Well, if you want an example of what's wrong with the hobby, this is a good place to start.

We have to devise a better way of dealing with this mayhem pileups! The more frustrated the operators get, the more they will resort to illegal power. If only there was a "take a number" scheme like queuing at the deli counter...


Most of the stations calling will not be able to hear other stations calling, or indeed how tedious they sound to the rest of us. CU3EJ, SV4???/P and IS0FWY, I might mean you... but I have no doubt Italians are just as bored with Brits shouting at them. Listen at 23:15 to get a particularly charming example.

Although the Brits are limited to a legal maximum of 400W - and that seems to be where most South and Central European stations start.....

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Nicely viable DX signal

Output of the Death Star

It looks like this was not forecast - agrees with VOA at around 30-40%, but there has been some sun activity to enable some bonus paths to emerge.


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