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vk4-g1rnb@ G8CYK - 2017-07-16T16-01-56Z_14246.0kHz

It all began with a fairly simple call to Gordon - EA5/mm0gor - on holiday in Murcia, sitting on the terrace, with 50W from an FT857 to a simple 20m dipole that was actually a fair struggle on 20m, despite the short distance (understanding and managing the variability of radio propagation is all part of the fascination and skill of the hobby) ...

... but while we were talking a voice came up saying "VK4". I thought it was a local reporting there was a VK4 in the background on the channel, so I listened carefully and didn't hear anything, and then it dawned that this loud station was indeed the VK4 in question. It was an extremely unlikely catch at the time and frequency as the prop diagrams show.

Simon - VK4/G1RNB - was operating portable, as he says "I only operate portable, because I refuse to listen to manmade interference of any kind... I also cannot detect and track our robotic explorers in even a moderately quiet environment. All Solar / Battery powered often in the middle of nowhere, very quiet indeed..."

Look up Simon's QRZ page and be intrigued.. He is a serious off world DXer and has a 4m portable dish for 8GHz deep space work receiving signals from Juno, as well as monoband 20m hex beam for performing terrestrial DX miracles like this..

Not predicted - so probably a random solar flare effect.

The geomagnetic field was quiet until 16/0604 UTC when active and
G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm conditions were observed following the arrival of the 14 Jul CME.
Look here for the space weather analysis.

This recording has been compiled from several  sources to get all 3 participants. Yes, I know it's not hifi and some parts require a trained ear - but this is "one in several thousand contacts" during the sunspot doldrums - so worth the effort, eh?

A most unexpected conversation - G8 and VK using 100W, EA with 50W, and no mega beams..


Decent signal -5/8



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