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vk3mo @ G8CYK - 2017-05-01T19-47-56Z_14160.0kHz

Patience of a saint

The faintly haunted expression on Ian's face will be explained when you hear what he has to put up with when he pokes his head up on 20m and gets spotted on a cluster.


This was an amazing opening to Australia given the state of the sun cycle, and the forecast was a little pessimistic.  It's a pity there were no other VKs around to share the opportunity.


Really big signal

There are a number of stations here who should be seriously ashamed of their indiscipline - the DX code went west.

And please, do not read out or spell the details easily found on your QRZ page during a heap like this.

You won't hear a VK contact like this very often in the UK. The pile up is truly biblical, too bad EA5EE was rewarded for his really really annoying bulldozing.

And then 2017-05-07T19-51-32Z_14172kHz  I found Ian without a pileup...

And then a scratchy start to a session that came good -  2017-05-08T23-23-55Z_14165.0kHz.  I put Ian on the cluster at the end, and stood aside as a stampede showed up :-)

Getting to be matter of fact... -  2017-07-19T23-12-33Z_14160.0kHz.  I grabbed Ian after had been the G3TPW treatment... :-)


The signal held up without QSB until Ian's stamina ran out...

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