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ve6cmv@ G8CYK - 2017-11-05T17-10-05Z_14205kHz

Alberta on 20m

Thanks to a combination factors, contact from Europe with the North West US and Canada can be a tricky route. In  fact, it seems to be tougher than Australia, so when a caller pokes their head above the parapet on 20m, there is going to be a pileup.

At the far end was Chris, yet another UK expat living in Canada - and now ve6cmn but retains g0tqj. He has had some colourful postings with a long RAF career and has certainly got about and now works in the Canadian oil and gas industry.





QSO recording...

Again I'd like to pretend I didn't waste an hour shouting at the pileup; but there was quite queue for this one. 


Nice signal, good modulation


The prop forecast for the time and frequency was not good

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