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v51ww @ G8CYK - 2017-04-25T18-24-25Z_14172.0kHz

Namibia on 20m

Wynard is about as efficient at dealing with a pileup as anyone, and he got through a vast number of calls in this session. Namibia is a rare one - all SA is rare here... .

...and this contact was not as solid as VOA suggests. I suspect the antenna here may have an SE null. It may be time to experiment a little.


Yet another pile up

I accidentally cut the recording at the moment Wynard got the call right (again,. the notoriously unhearable g8cyk...) and you will note that just at crucial moment, up pops a blast of splatter and QRM from an Italian death star - slap bang on the next kHz! (see waterfall shot below) ! Not again...

just snuck in twice, second one is on 2017-05-05T17-06-38Z_14265

Another major pileup, despatched efficiently

Better than predicted conditions - but the sun has been a bit wild lately

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