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ty2cd@ G8CYK - 2017-08-19T19-07-21Z_14330.0kHz


This is one of several West African countries to keep in mind if you ever get onto Pointless (a BBC TV quiz show) although not quite as obscure as Burkino Faso (formerly Upper Volta), it is overshadowed by its big neighbour, Nigeria.

Formerly the former Dahomey Kingdom, which was the birthplace of Voodoo, but Wynand Van Wyk resists the temptation to use it to sort out massive pileups that always occur when he appears on 20m.

Benin is exotic through scarcity  rather than distance - it's actually predictably accessible (see the VOA wheel). Wynand managed some 30,000 QSOs in the past year  

 Both of us were running 100W to a wire antenna



I have struggled many times with the massive pileups that always block access to Benin. So I emailed and asked for a sched - I don't think my QRZ entry and this site does any harm to prove I am serious about the hobby and its future, so Wynand kindly agreed; but then I missed the first time suggested as Windows was busy messing my main PC. But then ...

... this worked like clockwork, and I set up on the appointed frequency at the time suggested by the
VOA predictions, and we had a very good chat free from pileup nonsense.


solid signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,






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