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t6/iz1cck@ G8CYK - 2017-11-05T12-56-05Z_14200kHz            MM14dh

Afghanistan on 20m

Salvatore, IZ1BWB Operator of Military Amateur Radio Station IZ1CCK of "TAURINENSE" Alpini Brigade

It's a pity the British Army doesn't encourage it's overseas deployments to get on the air and promote the value of  comms with 1k of ham kit, when the military comms at the base probably start at 50k.



QSO recording...

Again I'd like to pretend I didn't waste an hour shouting at the pileup for this one; and then when I eventually got there - there was a burst of the usual 20m pileup delinquency.

A battle with splatter and the usual pile-up delinquents...


Nice signal, good modulation when
the QRM went


The prop forecast for the time and frequency was not awful

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