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su1as@ G8CYK - 2018-81-10T14_22_27Z_14185kHz
Cairo, Egypt

Another hard-to-get trickyAfrican state... but Ahmad Salaah at last allowed me to put the Egypt notch in the DX Diary.

sa1as  - Ahmad does a selfie

I have tried long and hard to reach AHmad over many months - Egypt is rare and the moment he appears a tone of much closer Europeans pile in and make it impossible. I was not set up to record this time (of course) so the recording is one of the earlier sessions that illustrate the challenge.

Hopefully we can now arrnage a sched and have a proper QSO and talk about Ham radio in Egypt.


It ought to be simple, but nothing in Africa ever is...

FT8 Corner

Introducing a new feature to the DX diaries - there is not a lot that can be said about ft8, but it's worth recording what goes on. For now I will add the FT8 reports to the first entry of the country in question.

This was a particularly unexpected opportunity and I bagged Nacho first time.

2018-jan 26th

The challenge of Africa...

There are many, many stations calling but not being heard. Hamed has the all too familiar local noise blight .. 

Hamed is struggling to hear the callers...



Workable signal - no image though.



This 20m prop map also promises more than the band delivers


Andrew Marr discovers Writtle in this brief snippet



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