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How we got going: seeding the curiosity

UPDATE 1 April 22nd 2017

The first batch of starters are on the site, and my grateful thanks for all that input.

I have not kept a specific list of ages, but the average age of those I have ambushed is (well) over 50

Almost every UK "subject" recounts tales of exploring the family radiogram and being given some sort of electronics kit at the age of 8-12.

I particularly enjoyed G8NOF's comments that he got a Philips electronics kit with a MW radio project, but thanks to winding the coils with a few less turns than  he should, he found topband and these strange creatures called "hams".

And this story lead me to find that here is (of course) a fabulous resource for connoisseurs of vintage electrionic kits  entitled "Grant's vintage electronics and electrical kit collection" I think I found exactly the kit Glenn was referring to - complete with AF117 germanium transistor!

1970's Philips Radio EE1003 Electronic Kit Set

Today's kids are using raspberry pi and Arduino single board computers - are they also getting a grounding in the basics of discrete components?

Well they should be with products like this available from Snap Circuits  in the USA, available from in the UK.

So here you go parents and grandparents: do your duty... you know you'll enjoy playing with it as much the kids.

Just follow the colourful pictures in the manual and build exciting projects such as a flying saucer, alarms, doorbells and much more. You can even play electronic games using a variety of parts included. All parts are mounted on plastic modules that snap together with ease. Enjoy hours of educational fun whilst learning about electronics and best of all no tools are required. Contains over 75 parts including voice recording IC; FM radio module; analogue meter; transformer; relay; and 7-segment LED display.

Build over 500 projects. Hours of educational fun. Includes all of the SC300 projects and 200 more!

Includes Projects 1-511 manuals.


  • Build over 500 projects
  • Easy snap fit design
  • Board dimensions 19.5x15.25x2cm
  • Contains over 75 parts
  • Includes manual
  • 4x AA Batteries required (not supplied)
  • FM Radio
  • Adjustable light control
  • Digital voice recorder
  • AC GeneratoJr



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