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s79ld @ G8CYK - 2018-06-24T16-43-00Z_14074.908kHz
2018-06-24,16:43:15,2018-06-24,16:44:15,S79LD,,14.075908,FT8,-19,-13,50,FT8 Sent: -19 Rcvd: -13,

Seychelles on 20m

VK4EF, Michael is currently working on Mahe Island and La Digue Island from April 21 to May 31. Both islands are part of the IOTA AF-024 reference.

Mahe and La Digue Island 

It's been a while since I posted here - I am running out of new (sovereign) countries to feature and have not been listing the granularity of zones and IOTA (Islands on the air) that some hardened DX chasers worry about. The Seychelles is indeed a sovereign nation as well as an IOTA score.

There simply aren't enough keen regular operators in many remote locations with an interest in the hobby - and a desire to be a DX trophy. Not least because when they do appear, a ton of unruly European DX fishermen descend on them, and a shambles generally ensues as the technique escalates from a gentle tickle to a stick of dynamite.

The FT8 digital mode may be changing this a bit since it is nearly possible to sift through a tsunami of callers and spend time making contacts rather than shouting at over enthusiastic Italians and Spaniards to behave.


The antenna is a hex beam pointing 120 degrees - current 10 feet up only. This snapshot about 20 mins after the contact


Only 20m was doing anything interesting albeit pretty random. I am guessing s79ld did not have an internet connection for reporting spots  - all digital modes inc ft8 operate independently of the internet if required, you just don't feature in the reporting network, and don't have access to the "instrument panel".


Typical list of stations present at the time...

Nothing much else from the Indian Ocean ocean, although the Maldives did show briefly after this contact. I suspect the popularity of FT8 is such that Euro-babble is drowning out a fair bit of DX these days, and some new tactics will be needed soon.




17m FT8


161200 Tx 2624 ~ S79LD G8CYK JO01

161215 3 0.7 2132 ~ G8CYK S79LD -05

161230 Tx 2624 ~ S79LD G8CYK R+03

161300 Tx 2624 ~ S79LD G8CYK R+03

161245 6 0.7 2618 ~ G8CYK S79LD RRR

161300 Tx 2624 ~ S79LD G8CYK 73

161330 -1 0.0 2618 ~ S79LD IU0HDC JN61



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A rare sunspot boost in the past couple of days from



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