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pz1el @ G8CYK - 2017-05-04T23-34-15Z_14240.0kHz

One of two

Ramon is one of just two radio amateurs in Suriname. And He coma back to my CQ again . I am in shock.

Ramonm is well hidden from the internet, and I an find no images other than a QSL card.


This was an amazing session with fabulous DX all over the shop - which was hinted at by the forecast map. Days like this are not supposed to happen during sunspot minima, are they?


50% of all Suriname Hams Worked

In was so fazed I totally failed to record this one until after our QSO. A a reply to a CQ on 20m is a rare thing anyway - but get both Japan and Suriname by casting the CQ fly on the same day is very gratifying.

Ramon still loud and clear for an hour or so. Conditions were good.




Nice signal, no problems of any sort -
best of all, no shouty southern european party crashers!


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