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py2dy @ G8CYK - 2017-04-14T12-48-44Z_21267kHz
py2nft @ G8CYK - 2017-06-03T17-28-44Z_21200.0kHz


Fighting the 15m QSB monster to the death... (sunspots are for wimps).

Antonio Nikola (Tony) was a lone signal in an empty 15m. It's always worth a look at weekends as it can relatively pileup free.

Initially I gave 5/2 - and then realised 25dB of attenuator was in the way. But then the noise level is S5-6  A full G5RV is not the ideal 15m antenna,  but we dragged this one together and it was a proper contact where we fought it every inch of the way...


... and then a much smoother contact with Paulo Callea, py2nft,  was a lot easier on 15m as the prediction wheel suggests. Summer conditions are certainly making this route easier.

Again I failed to hit record until we were done. Oh well, there will be another day with 32k amateurs in Brazil to get through... 




The predictors said that this one was unlikely, but we pulled it off...

A bit of audio processing on the recording helped - listen as stereo for best clarity... not a classic, but they all count.


Next up: June 3rd and py2nft, 2017-06-03T17-28-44Z_21200.0kHz


Py2dy is just about visible on the waterfall, but Q5 thanks to very consistent and level noise that was effectively filtered...

Py2nft is a thrusting 5/9+



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