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PR7AA @ G8CYK - 2017-03-26T19-40-45Z

Brazil in the net... during the March 25th, 2017 CQ contest twilight zone, perfectly timed according to VOA

Proud DXCC holders - from their QRZ page:-

DX? DXCC? What is it?

From the beginning:

DX is an acronym that comes from D = distance and X = unknown. 
So we usually call it DX , that activity of making contact with another station at a long distance, notably in HF, where the exchange of reports and subsequent exchange of QSL cards is maintained.

Already DXCC means DX Century Club . It is a diploma issued by the ARRL (American Amateur Radio Amateur League ) which recognizes amateurs who in turn make a number of contacts, initiating counting in 100 countries and then making endorsements (additions) according to the countries contacted.

The PR7AA, LABRE-PB station has already conquered its DXCC, shown below.



Predication from VOACAP

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