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p40x@ G8CYK - 2017-08-05T17-32-56Z_14170.0kHz


Aruba has been on my list of wanted DX destinations for a long time. There appear to be no resident hams so it is essential to pounce on itinerant  DXpeditioners as they pitch up.

One of the p40x team was Uwe - DL8UD - answered my pleading email for a chance to get Aruba via a scheduled contact - since whenever the team was spotted on the DX clusters, the pileups were impenetrable.



Well, we used Whatsap for an ad-hoc sched, and went a time and frequency that was marginal according to the predictors, but there was a very busy contest going on - with several very large signals - and I am convinced that activity can stir the ionosphere into a response. The upshot was I got through and was acknowledged, despite the contest QRM at this end. This was recorded at the twente SDR so I was not audible.

We made it despite the QRM


Decent signal in - but a mess of QRM

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast, not hopeful






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