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ny2po @ G8CYK - 2017-04-25T18-24-25Z_14172.0kHz

The CB route

Patrick's mugshot on qrz is a bit of a blurry challenge, and I usually reckon I can find an alternative by googling around. But do you know how many Patrick Cahills there are? Lots! Anyway, this way we also get the retain the lovely Mrs Cahill in the shot.

This start is very much to point - and is a perfect illustration of an enlightened CB policy, although I suspect CB discovery needs to be timed for sunspot support to spark the DX fire.

17m on a quiet night


Civilised on 17m

Such a civilised band if prone to QSB. For some reason, the riff raff stays away. Maybe most 20m deathstar stations can't load on 18MHz? We can but hope..!

In at 2.20 - and a simple step from CB to ham radio ...


Interesting 17m propagation, but few takers. Maybe everyone has given up on HF after a couple of truly awful weeks. The next station worked here was Venezuala - how many folks in South Africa and the Indian Ocean thought to point at Europe I wonder?

Pretty much per forecast


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