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n4gnr @ G8CYK - 2017-04-11_18:58Z

A big beam from Georgia

Dan Cisson proves my point about fishing very nicely...

Dan's QRZ page is a must-see - not just a massive 65ft boom 7 element 20m beam at 151 feet - but a serious collection of fishing trophies (the scaled variety) and grandchildren.

In Dan's own words: "What does N4GNR do for a living??  I put up towers and antennas in the commercial field..and I have a tree service here locally taking down trees near homes, and trimming,,,"

G8s are scarce!

It's quite an honour to be the first G8 in Dan's log alongside some of the exotica Well, get us while you can....


And this is what Dan does - a bird's eye view


* A new feature!

This is a first draft of the CYQSL  - which will be auto-generated as part of the process. G4GNR can download and print it any time he wants - just right click and save image.

Dan's signal on the waterfall..

The performance of 20m at this time was probably spot on the predicated pattern



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