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kp2xx @ G8CYK - 2017-04-09T00-57-06Z

Jim Latham is lucky enough to live in St Thomas, one of the US Virgin Islands - part of an arc of islands we have all heard of, but few can accurately place on a map without help.

Jim's style is very much relaxed chat broadcasting - he is a pro broadcast engineer, and is a mine of information.

"My home in St. Thomas is off grid by choice and has 5000 watts of solar panels producing about 20 to 30 kilowatts a day. The system has a 950 amp 48 volt battery bank along with two midnight solar charge controllers and an Outback Radian 240volt inverter. We recently added an all-electric car, a Nissan Leaf to the mix."

Living the dream!


A pop-up radio show all about WSPR

I listened to Jim chatting to his pal Paul Brucato in Florida about WSPR for a long time before I edged in at 39:45 . It was as good as the wireless! See if you agree..


40m just keeps on delivering after midnight - unlike the flighty bands about 10MHz that are directly influenced by the sun there is no QSB, and a lot of the time, we can both sides


The performance of 40m at this time slightly exceeded expectations


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