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kl7hrn & al7kc @ G8CYK - 2017-09-26T18-24-07Z_14189.0kHz


Alaska is a bit of a DX catch - it's not one of those areas that is easy to work as the solar cycle wanes - but it's been a strange day, and I heard kl7hrn, Ed Luteran at 5/9+, working a stream of South Aricans... I missed that chance, but a minute or two later, I heard al7kc working a european station. I tried to butt in but failed, so I set up in the next available slot on 20m, and called him directly - hoping he would tune around and find me. Well, Mike didn't hear me, but his pal Ed did. And Ed called me to say he was texting Mike to come and find us.

Ed kl7hrn

-Mike al7kc

Which he did: a case of call one Alaskan, and get another one free, or "COAGAOF".

VOA doesn't think this contact is viable..... but that's the fun of freak conditions.

Some great shots of Alaska from Ed's magnificent QRZ Page


I heard a massive pileup of South Africans working Alaska that was being spoiled by the usual suspects who simply don't listen to requests - notably- CT1ASM SV3IBP EA8FM TA7OM EA1EQ EA7ADM,  EA1HB, 9HT1TT and IT9QHN - but then I got double lucky...


... a truly magnificent and completely unexpected QSO

This is very rare thing - especially at sunspot minimum.
You won't hear both ends of an Alaskan working through a pileup of South Africans very often
- if ever. A 10,000 mile trip.

Outstanding and solid signal

G0KYA HAMCAP prop forecast,



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