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kh7xs@ G8CYK - 2017-10-25T15-56-15Z_14180kHz

Hawaii on 20m, by accident

I was just listening around 20m before dinner time, and I heard Bill Kollenbaum (aka k4xs) of the Big Island Contest Group, calling CQ for the first time. I answered, and he answered.

No big deal, I thought. Then I wondered why the log showed red buttons against DCC, ITU and CQ zone. And then I looked at the QRZ page antenna photo and read more closely.


This explains why he can just drop onto 20m and sound the bloke next door. With an enormous antenna array like that, he is the VK3MO of Hawaii.

"The new antenna system is a three high switchable stack of OptiBeam tribanders (94/56/26 feet), a 4 element 40 meter OptiBeam Yagi (84 feet), and two A-3WS WARC antennas stacked in phase, (66/35 feet) with the top one having the 30 meter mod. 

The station sits at an elevation of 1100 feet and is about one mile from the Pacific with a huge downward slope to the Europe, North America, most of South America, and Asia. "

Just fancy that...

I don't think this is a wikipedia wind up, but this is the state flag of Hawaii... nice to see we are still appreciated in the remote corners of the planet.

Let's hope we Brits remember to make a special effort to reconnect after the EU is but a distant memory...




QSO recording...

I failed to record this first encounter since I had no idea it was one of the most sought-after DX calls for my collection until it was done and dusted with no fuss whatever..

...and here is the pile up I just managed to avoid....


Good signal



The prop forecast for the time and frequency was favourable.

A vintage example - I love that 59/9 is printed!



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