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ke5ee @ G8CYK - 2017-04-09T00-57-06Z

Legends of 20m: Stan Schwartz

Stan is one of the big signals on 20m for Europeans. Without bellwether signals like those from Stan and Ray (W2RE) to show the way, we'd all be wondering what the bands were up to.

Stan got permission to create his ham superstation from the very understanding and lovely Elaine Schwartz. Check out Stan's QRZ page and see how it's done.  And don't forget to get all the way to the bottom of the page.

First: start with a good sized property in NW Florida, and a lottery win, then add many drums of 15/8th coax. Live the dream!


May the Schwartz be with us...

This is a recording of a session that the predictors suggested was pushing it - but they did not reckon with the awesome firepower of ke5ee...


I butted in at around 7:30 and asked about pictures of a fabulous Collins 30S1 amplifier - let's see inside that beauty, Stan!

Incidentally, you may hear ua1cda heading for an aneurism whilst calling when he fails to get the Schwartz nod.  Unlike 40m, it is rare to get both ends of a 20m conversation and European stations that hop into the UK at S9+ might struggle on the transatlantic hop.

I have chopped out a lot of "dead air" in this recording from the first half...

The all band vertical that Stan recommends is here...



The performance of 40m at this time slightly exceeded expectations



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