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kb1hy @ G8CYK - 2017-03-31T21-09-15Z_7171.0kHz.
On the edge

Peter, KB1HY called CQ on 717kHz looking for contacts in  nearby states. By luck, he picked a frequency that was clear in Europe and I happened to spot it appear on the waterfall.

The excellent VOACAP Online shows the specific route forecast conditions....  this contact is just about predicted

DX Diary: start to finish

I have cut out most of my side of this - although I can be heard very faintly, it's not enough to be decipherable


One of the joys of 40m after 20:00z is that the shouty folks seem to have gone go to bed, and the US turns out - so we can have conversations that extend beyond "59 - 73 - many DXs my dear friend"

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It looks like this was a reliable forecast - agrees with VOA at around 50-60%


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