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jy4ci @ G8CYK - 2017-04-23T18-57-20Z_14222.0kHz.

Jordan on 20m

Rafiq is one of the few Jordanian amateurs on HF and is always much sought after as a rare contact.

Jordan has an interesting heritage in Amateur radio since the late King Hussein was the most famous celebrity ham of all - JY1 - and left a legacy of science that continues with his grandson, HRH Crown Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II of Jordan (JY6JY) and Jordan's home-grown CubeSat projects, developed at (CPF) Crown Prince Foundation (JY6JY)


Yet another pile up

Whoever said ham radio was a declining hobby clearly has not listened to the mayhem on the bands when conditions are just a teensy bit favourable and a rare fish is spotted. I missed recording my call out; but here is a longer recording which is noise-gated.

Better than predicted conditions - but the sun has been a bit wild lately

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