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JR7TKG @ G8CYK - 2017-03-21T11-08-06Z_18126.1kHz &
  & 2017-06-09T22-21-12Z_18072.2kHz.

18m springs a polar surprise

Looks like a grey line opportunity - only this station seemed to be about at first, then joined by a couple of others, but this was the best at this location

Sasaki ("Saki") Toru was remarkably load and clear - but I was buried in the inevitable pileup.


18m again, 2 months on...

Interesting - same time of day, same grey line propagation.

And exactly the same slightly odd frequency.

(And EA1HQB calling out of turn, as usual)


18m again, 3 months on... 3rd time lucky!

A very different time of day, similarly oddball frequency. This was a proer QSO struggling with QSB, but we got there.


Heard 2017-03-21T11-08-06Z_18126.1kHz

Heard 2017-05-27T11-53-02Z_18126.1kHz
And finally - contacted! 2017-06-09T22-21-12Z_18072.2kHz



It looks like this was a reliable forecast











A quite different spread as summer is upon us

JUNE - disagrees with VOA - was this long path?




The all-important trophy sought by DX fishers...



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