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jr5jaq@ G8CYK - 2017-11-03T21-06-58Z_7188kHz

Japan on 40m

Masanobu Yamao appeared on 40m with a BIG signal and asked for UK stations only.

Yamao is a man of mystery and I can find very little about him on the internet other than a story of a DXped to Vietnam where this picture was posted.

After I explained what a UK station  was to the European usual scrum, I had the best Japan QSO yet, on the most unexpected band. Although that said, VOA wasn't as surprised as I was, and the call corresponded to the predicted sweet spot..


QSO screen recording...

Here's a new feature for those really special contacts. The twente SDR meter was ~12dB down on the local receiver in this instance.

At 7 mins, another Japanese station of equal strength - quite why the whole of 40m was not full of Japanese stations is a mystery. It was perhaps a tad early at around 6.30am, but I would have expected more to pounce. There were depressingly few UK stations able to take advantage of being handed this opportunity on a plate.



QSO recording...

Continuing on after the above. You  won't get a better recording of a long Japan call than this very often.


and some more of the call..


Nice signal, good modulation



This forecast was not as optimistic as VOA

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