Named and Shamed: Jingcheng - be ashamed...

The Cray Valley Radio Society was operating a special event station - GB9RW-  for the Royal Wedding (May 19th 2018) - and posted this on their QRZ page...

  "Operation is by members of Cray Valley Radio Society from the club HQ in Eltham, south-east London on all bands 80m-70cm using three stations. Unfortunately we are experiencing very high levels of local QRM from dirty electronics in one of the nearby houses. We apologise for the difficulties that we are having copying callers, an all too frequent problem these days. We have installed a receive loop as far away as possible from the suspected source of the interference in an attempt to improve copy."
  So I emailed and asked what happened, and g4buo kindly provided the details:

"The main source was in a garage in a nearby house. We knocked on the door and explained the problem. Turned out to be a Chinese 'intelligent' charger for a child's quad bike. The owner was shocked to hear how much hash it produced on a portable radio. See picture;"

This appears to be a classic dirty SMPS battery charger that emits RFI : Jing Cheng Electric BHC03



  It seems this product is already widespread - spot the filtering components on the board if you can... I can't. T