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jh1occ @ G8CYK - 2017-06-10T14-48-32Z_18152.0kHz

18m CQ reels in Japan

I may never cease to be surprised when I get a response to a CQ call from my embarrassingly inadequate 100w/G5RV - but this time Yuuichi Hosono took the bait, and after a bit of a struggle to understand his call sign, we had a brief QSO at an unlikely time of day according to the predictors.

I can usually trace a picture of the source of the voice other end, but not in this case. Maybe Yuuichi will be kind enough to send me one.?



I missed the start, struggling with noise, but we did the deed. And I even talked about cats.

Very much wing and prayer propogation (WAPP)


The all-important trophy sought by DX fishers... not for this contact, but I will update if/when I get one.



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