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JH1AJT @ G8CYK - 2017-05-07T11-48-04Z_18154.0kHz
JH1AJT @ G8CYK - 2017-09-26T11-29-14Z_18140.0kHz


It seems 17m is back in business for the autumn.


Y. Zorro Miyazawa has one of amateur radio's "bellweather" stations that everyone wants to work, and that leads the way on HF.

In May 2017 I tried until Zorro gave up and went to bed. He is one of the better handlers of pileups.I guessed there will be another day - hopefully one when the overpowered shouty Europeans are busy doing something else ....

It happened in September 2017 - and I bagged Zorro, out of the blue...

That's the way to do it (contd) ... another array of enormous antennas

So what happened?

This was an amazing opening that just kept on giving. Again Zorro  handled it very well - as you can hear.


(I got the impression that the very persistent SV1LHZ was not making the trip to Japan . ;-)


The best MUF data for ages...

In the bag!
An amazing opening, handled very well.

I recorded the entire session since it was such an unexpected show stopper - I appear 8min 39secs in

Loud and clear, and I was in the front row this time.




JH1AJT @ G8CYK - 2017-09-26T11-29-14Z_18140.0kHz

Very big signal....

Not audible 200 miles away in Holland, this was from the Hack Green SDR.  17m openings can be very narrowly focused.

The one that got away
Oh well. There will be other times... and there were.
Loud and clear again, but I lost in this scrum



Nice signal, no problems of any sort throughout



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