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j5t@ G8CYK - 2017-11-14T16-36-57Z_18140kHz

Guinea-Bissau on 17m

Another tough and much sought after trophy contact. Not far, but tricky propagation this far north. See how the opportunity improves just a little further south. And the route to far South Africa is easy- peasy in comparison.

Guinea-Bissau is a tropical country on West Africa’s Atlantic coast that’s known for national parks and wildlife.

It was part of the Portuguese Empire for centuries and was once known as the Slave Coast; today 14% of the population speaks Portuguese. Once hailed as a potential model for African development, the country is now one of the poorest countries in the world. The vital cashew nut crop provides a modest living for most of Guinea-Bissau's farmers and is the main source of foreign exchange. But today the nation has a massive foreign debt and an economy that relies heavily on foreign aid. It has become transhipment point for Latin American drugs. At the end of the 1990s the country experienced a conflict which drew in Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal, and France and ended with the president going into exile.

The forested, sparsely populated Bijagós archipelago is a protected biosphere reserve. Its main island, Bubaque, forms part of the Orango Islands National Park, a habitat for saltwater hippos. On the mainland, the capital, Bissau, is a port with Portuguese colonial buildings in its old city center.

This expedition is very well organised with a very efficient  PAYG QSL service...


There are a lot of lightning crashes on 40m at 22:00. I have given up trying for now.

A lot of lightning in the med...

QSO recording...

This was a tough one - I could barely hear the incoming signal and it didn't register on the S meter or waterfall - but we squeezed it in. At ~$10 a pop, they are getting through a lot of contacts!





A crazy 40m pile up at 22:00
with a very wide split




The 17m prop forecast for the time and frequency was not ideal

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