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hi3k@ G8CYK - 2017-07-24T22-20-03Z_14226.0kHz

Dominican Republic

Another of the Caribbean islands, generally represented on 20m by Edwin Nunez.

Conditions on the route to./from Chelmsford were very patchy and the the difference of a few  hundred miles to Italy significantly changes the propagation pattern.

But most surprising was the asymmetry of the path when the TX and RX points are swapped,


Swapping the transmit and receive sites suggests a quite unusually asymmetric path, which explains why Edwin was struggling to hear me - while he was fine over here.

The G8CYK callsign trips yet another operator...

The call continues to be jumbled by the listening stations - it's not their fault, it just seems to a brain twister. I have asked Ofcom for a less challenging combination - like G8WSP - but it seems I am stuck having to repeat it many times most of the time.

All the right letters, but not necessarily in the right order...


Decent signal in -5/9


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