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EA7/G8PL @ G8CYK - 2017-03-23T19-35-51Z

Andy Durant moved from Harwich to Spain 4 years ago and has been steadily getting his HF act together. Now blessed with fast internet link thanks to a hilltop microwave link.

Always a big signal to the UK in daylight, this reports a QSO crossing teh twighligh t zone

Advancing grey line  - only this station seemed to be about at first, then joined by a couple of others, but this was the best at this location


  recording date-time-frequency
General example g8pl_recording_2017-03-23T19-12-25Z_14240.0kHz.mp3
Fading into the sunset g8pl_fadeout_recording_2017-03-23T19-47-51Z_14240.mp3
Joined by EA7JUR.... ea7jur_g8pl_recording_2017-03-23T19-44-36Z_14240.mp3
Yup, agree with that...


See the coverage move away from the UK as twilight creeps across Spain

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