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fr4pv@ G8CYK - 2017-10-01T16-54-17Z_18150kHz

Reunion Island

If you want to know about fr4pv his QRZ page explains  - along with this YouTube video.

James also has a (protected) twitter account, a main FB account: - Fr4pv James Ile De La Reunion  and another: Radio amateurisme FR4PV Friends

A google search for fr4pv will reveal this to be one of the more online-savvy and brand-conscious of the radio ham community.

To say that he guards his brand and image ferociously is an understatement.



Got lucky!

Straight in there... I must be getting luckier, There is no QSO recording because I got straight in before I had time to start recording  I hope to include a real QSO where we can discuss ham life on Indian Ocean island in due course.

A couple of days later I landed another Reunion amateur on another band: Jerome fr4qk....

Awaiting a suitable fr4pv contact recording



Workable signal - but a lot of QSB.


The prop forecast for the time and frequency seems about right.

Note fr4qk's very small satellite dish - that's what comes of being on the equator right under the satellite...


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