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fm1hn @ G8CYK - 2017-04-07T23-46-24Z & 2017-05-24T21-56-48Z_14288.0kHz


Bagging a Caribbean station is always a challenge, but late night April on 40m is still the band that keeps on giving.

Maybe the occupants have better things to do than work the radio? Anyway, Julien was good enough to persist with me and we made it...

julien tijus has his own website with a lot of interesting local info on other active amateurs.

Bagged - but illustrating yet again that as call signs go, G8CYK is one of the most awkward to communicate. The longer recording below illustrates just how well 40m has been delivering recently.

I got called first time in the 20m session, and didn't have time to start recording until after...

And now also on 20m during a fabulous opening 2017-05-24T21-56-48Z_14288.0kHz...




Pretty good signal, no QSB and he was around a long time working stations from all over. 40m is a fabulous band for night owls.




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